FUSA Court

‚ÄčThe FUSA Judicial Branch consists of the FUSA Court, which consists of five (5) appointed Justices, with one serving as the Chief Justice.  

The FUSA Court shall determine the constitutionality of laws and Executive actions, hear cases regarding disputed disciplinary actions, probations, and terminations, and has the authority to review cases regarding impeachment, and shall serve as the Election Committee for all FUSA Elections, and shall be responsible for maintaining the Election Code.

First Name Last Name Email Address Title
Claire Monahan claire.monahan@student.fairfield.edu Chief Justice of the FUSA Court
Rebecca King rebecca.king@student.fairfield.edu Associate Justice of the FUSA Court
Daniel Messier daniel.messier@student.fairfield.edu Associate Justice of the FUSA Court
Amy Polewaczyk amy.polewaczyk@student.fairfield.edu Associate Justice of the FUSA Court
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