The FUSA Structure:

FUSA Legislative Branch:

The FUSA Legislative Branch is made up of the Senate, which consists of 5 elected senators from each active undergraduate class year.  The Speaker of the Senate serves as the highest ranking member of the Senate, and oversees the strategic and day-to-day functions of the Legislative Branch.  

FUSA Senate

FUSA Judicial Branch:

‚ÄčThe FUSA Judicial Branch consists of the FUSA Court, which consists of five (5) appointed Justices, with one serving as the Chief Justice.  

The FUSA Court shall determine the constitutionality of laws and Executive actions, hear cases regarding disputed disciplinary actions, probations, and terminations, and has the authority to review cases regarding impeachment, and shall serve as the Election Committee for all FUSA Elections, and shall be responsible for maintaining the Election Code.

FUSA Court

FUSA Executive Branch:

Executive Cabinet

The Executive Cabinet is comprised of the FUSA President, FUSA Vice President, the Director of COSO, the Director of Programming, the Director of the Treasury, the Director of Diversity & Inclusion, the Director of Marketing & Public Relations, the Speaker of the Senate, and the Chief Justice of the FUSA Court.  

Council of Student Organizations (COSO)

There are more than 90 student clubs and organizations at Fairfield University! Through COSO, these clubs are officially recognized by the University and student body.

Programming Board

The programming board plans events on campus, organizes the Fall Concert, Pres Ball, Broadway shows, major league sporting events, late night events, and much more!

Marketing and Public Relations

The marketing board is responsible for advertising all programming events, senate initiatives, and the overall PR efforts of FUSA.

Treasury Board

The treasury board plans a large organization budget that helps to run a wide range of student body events on campus and maintains budgetary and spending goals for students in FUSA.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Director of Diversity & Inclusion oversees and implements FUSA's strategic vision for a more diverse and inclusive student body.  

Our Advisors:

Jeremy Kaler - Associate Director of Student Engagement

  • Executive Board
  • FUSA Court
  • Senate
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Council of Student Organizations (COSO)

Colleen Wilson - Assistant Director of Student Engagement

  • Executive Board
  • Programming 
  • Treasury
  • Marketing & Public Relations
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