Marketing & Public Relations

Director- Abigail O'Malley '18

Associate Director- Alexi Stathakis '18

Assistant Director- Alexander Levy '19

Public Relations Team:

The Public Relations team creates digital advertisements, manages social media, and overall PR efforts.

Digital Marketing Coordinator- Tyler Moragas

Public Relations Coordinator- Viviana Micciche 

Public Relations Coordinator- Olivia Salinger

Senate Marketers:

Senate Marketers advertise Student Government initiatives and communicate their mission.

Marketing & PR Coordinator for Senate- Shannon Doherty and Brendan Bruneau

Programming Marketers:

Program Marketers work closely with the Programming Board to advertise all FUSA events.

Marketing Coordinator for Traditional Events- Alyssa Kelleher and Alexander Bruno

Marketing Coordinator for Cultural & the Arts Events - Katie McPherson

Marketing Coordinator for Sports & Recreational and 2019 Events - Selena Barreira

Marketing Coordinator for Late Night Events- Marie Lacke 

Marketing Coordinator for Class of 2018 Events- Robert Verna 

Marketing Coordinator for Class of 2020 Events - Julie Kane

Marketing Coordinator for COSO - Elizabeth Terceira 

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