Programming Board

Responsibilities of the FUSA Programming Board:

  • Attend all FUSA training sessions (fall & spring).
  • Actively participate in team building activities.
  • Attend all monthly Programming Board Community Builders and FUSA Community Builders.
  • Attend weekly Programming Board meetings (Monday from 5 - 6 pm, BCC 200) while being both on time and prepared.
  • Attend weekly meeting with your board members and your board adviser (either the Director of Programming, Associate Director of Programming, and the adviser from the Office of Student Engagement). Scheduled based on your board's availability.
  • Complete proper paperwork for every program: Sodexo/Follett orders and online program evaluations.
  • Prepare appropriately for all programs utilizing the event planning checklist.
  • Responsible for updating your Board Report throughout the year.
  • Demonstrate support for each other’s programs.
  • Aid in brainstorming, planning, advertising, and attend programs.
  • Work diligently with the Director of Programming, Associate Director of Programming, and the advisor from the Office of Student Engagement.
  • Demonstrate time management skills.
  • Hold each other accountable.
  • To help in the planning and implementation of Siblings Weekend.
  • Must work the Concert(s) and Dogwoods.
  • Must help out with any major events when asked to such as the Presidential Ball and other major events as assigned.
  • To remain energetic, positive, and to be creative throughout the entire year.
  • According to the FUSA Constitution, all FUSA title-holding members must be in good academic and social standing at the time of appointment. This is defined as a student who has earned a 2.5 cumulative grade point average or higher and not on disciplinary probation. The Office of Student Engagement will be conducting both of these checks to ensure eligibility.

Director- Olivia McEvoy '19

Responsible for leading the FUSA Programming Board in providing programs that meets the interests of the Fairfield University Student Community. The Programming Board coordinates programs that are social, academic, and cultural in nature. 

Associate Director- Thomas Boutros '20

Responsible for assisting the Director of Programming to fulfill his or her responsibilities. 

Programming Coordinators for Traditional Events

Responsible for coordinating traditional events for all members of the student body. Annual events include: Presidential Ball (September), Red Sea Madness + FUSA Concert (October), Jazz Your Jack-o-Lantern (October), Santa's Workshop (December), To Be A Kid Again (March).

Programming Coordinators for Cultural & the Arts Events

Responsible for coordinating with the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and Fairfield University's affinity clubs for collaborative programming. Annual events include: Broadway Shows and organizing the yearly FUSA featured speaker. 

Programming Coordinators for Late Night Events

Responsible for coordinating monthly late night events that are open to all students, while also providing a late night food option. Previous events include; Trivia Nights, Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Houses, Inflatables, Obstacle Courses, Roller Rink, Game Shows, Novelties, etc. 

Programming Coordinators for Sports & Recreational Events

Responsible for organizing sporting, intramural and recreational events as well as collaborating on the Late Night @ The Rec Plex series. Previous trips include: Bowling, Red Sox Games, Knick's Games, Six Flags Trips, Escape Rooms, Zip-lining, Sports Complex, Trampoline Park, Bubble Soccer.

Programming Coordinators for Class of 2019 Events

Responsible for coordinating events for members of the C;ass of 2019. Past events have included nights celebrating 100, 75 & 50 nights to graduation at Grace O'Malley's, The SeaGrape and Mohegan Sun Casino. 

Programming Coordinators for Class of 2020 Events

Responsible for coordinating events for members of the Class of 2020. Past events have included "Levee Mug Nights (Fall & Spring) and Athletic Tailgates (Fall & Spring).

Programming Coordinators for Class of 2021 Events

Responsible for coordinating events for members of the Class of 2021. Past events have included, "Half Way To The Beach" Dinner Dance (April).

Programming Coordinators for Class of 2022 Events

Responsible for coordinating events for members of the Class of 2022. Past events have included, "Cookies with Clause" (December), Spring S'mores (March/April).

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