About Us

We are Stagathon. Fairfield University's official Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon. 2018 is our first year and we cannot wait to see what comes from this amazing campus.

We dance for our local Fairfield children so that they may get the medical care they need right by home rather than traveling across the country to get help. We are a year long fundraiser that donates all contributions to our CMN Hospital, Maria Fareri Children's Hospital. With the money we-and the other Dance Marathons across North America-raise, Children's Hospitals are able to fund research, state of the art medical supplies, and the best medical professionals in the world.

Join us in standing six hours For The Kids who cant in this years Stagathon on April 21st. It'll be a day for the kids to be kids. There will be dancing, games, performances, and a lot of awesome time with the miracle families. Lets make miracles happen for these children today.